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The few words from a founder

Andrey Vox. CEO and Owner at Safe N' Fast MoversAt Safe N' Fast Movers, we are focused on providing a full range of home or office moving and packing services with the highest level of customer satisfaction and we do everything we can to meet your expectations. Our goal is to provide you with competitive pricing, excellent on-time service and stress-free customized moving experience. We are confident you will be happy working with us.

Our movers work fast and diligently to get the job done at an affordable rate, so our customers can enjoy the savings. Whether you plan to move to Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego or long distance you will not find a more affordable, prompt and reliable moving company in the state of California. Here at Safe N' Fast Movers you get affordable moving without the sacrifice in quality of work and good customer service.

Residential MovePhilosophy. At Safe N' Fast Movers, we believe that MOVING should be an exciting and stress-free experience. Our employees strive to deliver every move following 3 main principals: meeting and exceeding customer needs, demonstrating professional skills and behavior and making sure that safety comes first. Safe N' Fast is passionate about helping you and your family to have a great move. Whether you need help moving furniture from one room to another or you are moving down the road or across town, our moving services provide you with:

- professional and uniformed personnel;
- clean trucks with moving pads and equipment;
- no extra charge for disassemble & reassemble;
- no extra charge for expert packing & unpacking services;
- no extra charge for stairs;
- no extra charge for multi stops.

Andrey Vox. CEO and Owner at Safe N' Fast Movers

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How are we interacting

1. Connection

 mcdjYou are contacting us by phone, via e-mail, Facebook or you can just leave a request on our website and we will call you back shortly.

2. Quote

vendorOur dispatcher is sending you a quote by request where you can find all the necessary information about upcoming move including date, time, price etc

3. Confirmation

 contractWe are receiving a written agreement from you by e-mail or by text confirming your move

4. Preparation

cleanYour moving team is preparing all the necessary equipment and materials according to our written agreement.

5. Arriving

 meetingAt the moving date our team is arriving at the loading address and signing an agreement prior the move. Moving time starts from this point.

6. Loading

soundtrackOur moving team is working very carefully packing and loading your stuff as safe and fast as possible. Furniture disassembling is included.

7. Unloading

 standardMoving team is arriving at unloading location and immediately getting to work. Furniture assembly included.

8. Payment

tuxxWhile the move is being completed, the client checks the items and verifies that everything is in its original condition and nothing is left behind. Then, the contract is signed and the payment is being processed